Nov 18, 2011

Rapha Chamois Cream

A bit of a touchy subject (look away now girls); but in the last couple of weeks I had been experiencing a considerable amount of discomfort in the downstairs area as I tried to break in a new pair of knicks.

I've been riding for a number of years and thankfully to date had not previously experienced any rubbing, chaffing or pain from any of my knicks. I'm not sure if I this is because I am (was) super tough or just pretty good at choosing riding gear. Either way; it seemed my luck had run out as I spent more and more time riding the pain train.

Early one morning before heading out for another long ride; I was fearfully staring at those evil knicks wondering how I was going to make it through the next few hours. It was but then that I had an epiphany; I recently purchased some new Rapha Classic Bib Shorts and if memory served me correct they had arrived with a small sample pot of Rapha Chamois Cream.

In desperation I fumbled through my box of spares, bits and bobs until I located the pot of chamois cream. Following the instructions I applied liberally to my man region until I felt that I had applied enough to sufficiently tackle the shorts of death.

The first thing I noticed was that all of a sudden my crotch smelled of rustic scents inspired by that of Mont Ventoux; or so the chaps of the Rapha marketing department would have me believe. One of my riding buddies did however comment that down-wind it smelled like a log fire was burning within my knicks.

All jokes of the smell aside; the chamois cream performed amazingly well. The cream had turned the almost unwearable knicks into a dream (well not quite). With the help of the Rapha Chamois Cream I managed a solid 120 kilometer effort without the pain I was becoming accustomed to.

A tub of Rapha Chamois Cream will set you back AUD$20. I would highly recommend trying some if you are having a similar issues.

 Now that I've given it a try I'll be sure to get myself a big ol' tub of the stuff for the long hot summer ahead.