Jun 1, 2013

Getting Back on the Bike

3 Months have passed since my last post. The busyness of work and building a new house aside, my intention was to get back to writing regularly updates on the blog... it seems my body had other ideas.

Sitting in the emergency ward.... not in great shape

In mid-february I came down pretty sick with a bacteria that decided to have a fair-old go at taking over my entire body. Initially it was suspected that it wasn't such a big deal, that quickly changed and after a lots of doctor's visits, a truckload of medication and a trip to the emergency I was slowly on my way back to health.

The first month was all about dealing with the illness and trying to fix the situation (as best as we have been able to). The subsequent 2 months have been about recovery and it's only really been the last couple of weeks that I have started to feel normal again.

Throwing the golf clubs around during recovery

Riding has been very hit and miss over the last couple of months as I've tried to find enough energy to throw a leg over the bike, all the while trying to manage the recovery and not overdo it. My cycling buddies have been pretty patient and encouraging, especially in those times when my form and spirit was down and I wanted to chuck in the towel and leave the bike on the side of the road.

Getting back to it with a trip to Portland for some riding with Todd

So I'm on my way back, energy levels are good and I'm riding regularly (although I'm more rubbish than usual). Here goes another attempt at bringing back regular updates to the blog.


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