Jun 16, 2013

Rapha Chris King Espresso Tamper

As far uber-desirebale super unnecessary accessories go, there are few that match the unexplainable pulling power of the Rapha Chris King Espresso Tamper.

Superbly finished, this professional grade espresso tamper is a 446 gram hunk of finely machined stainless steel and aluminium, the top is finished in the iconic style of a Chris King headset.

At a mere $120, it makes for the perfect paperweight of bookshelf trinket to sit alongside your Rapha H-Van Model; simply a must have item for every die-hard Rapha devotee out there.

Seriously though, it's such a nice little item and a great accompaniment to any home espresso machine... even better if it happens to be a Rapha Rocket Espresso Machine.

Unfortunately this one is not mine, we picked it up as a birthday present for our resident Wolf Pack coffee connoisseur.

You can find out more and order yours over here at rapha.cc


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