Aug 11, 2011

2012 Audax Alpine Classic - Like a moth to a flame.

Last Saturday morning the Wolf Pack was sitting around post ride chewing the fat when Dr Taka broached the subject of us tackling the 2012 Audax Alpine Classic.

For those that don't know, the Alpine Classic is a 200 kilometre one day ride which takes in the Victorian Alpine climbs of Tawonga Gap, Mt Beauty, Falls Creek and Mt Buffalo. Oh yeah; and it is held at the end of January at the height of summer... fair to say it's a bit of a ride.

Now let me just take a moment to try and break down how I accidently committed to doing this ride. I was a little tired after the ride and in a state of confusion following a discussion with the cafe owner whereby he talked me into buying a big cooked breakfast I didn't particularly want because apparently he was out of vegemite for the toast I originally wanted.

Anyway... clearly disorientated and off my game, Dr Taka then hits me up with some kinda of Chinese Jedi mind trick and the next thing I know I am committing to go and ride myself into this hurt wonderland.

Dr Taka applying the Jedi mind trick
Below is the amazing 'Rapha Rides the Victorian Alps' film made earlier this year by some locals for Rapha. The course ridden in the film pretty much covers the Alpine Classic route; but I can't help but think the actual experience of riding the beast in the height of summer is going to be somewhat less romantic.

Anyhoo, looks like I better get to slapping on a 12-28 and hit those hills.... I have 5 and a 1/2 months to turn myself into something that kind-of looks like a climber!