Aug 4, 2011

Tim Krabbe - The Rider

Now I'm not going to be a pioneer here, I'll just add my voice to the chorus of many cycling related bloggers that have gone before me and declared that in order to consider yourself a serious cyclist; you must read Tim Krabbe’s ‘The Rider’.
First written in Dutch in 1978 (and translated into English sometime later), this very compelling book tells the story of our protagonists attempt to win the 137km Tour de Mont Aigoual one day road race.

Enthralling from the beginning to end, the book provides a deep insight into the mind of ‘The Rider’as he experiences all manner of emotional and physical ups and downs in his quest to win the race... and at only 148 pages the book is perfect for a quick weekend read.

My only real gripe with ‘The Rider’ is that the pleasure I found in reading book passed all too quickly. Fortunately for me though, ‘The Rider’ is sitting there on the book shelf waiting for me to pick it up and take myself back to the Tour de Mont Aigoual whenever I want. 

Title: The Rider
Author: Tim Krabbe
Publisher: Bloomsbury

Happy reading.