Aug 15, 2011

Assos Campionissiomo G731

I came across this while trawling the internet over the weekend. Seems that Assos has teamed up with Goomah to produce a limited handmade Assos road bike called the Campionissiomo G731.

Technical information on the frameset is a little light on at this stage; but the Assos website claims the frameset includes custom engineering, BB30, inside cabling (I assume they mean internal cable routing) and an integrated seat tube.

Personally, my favourite claim from Assos is "No reinventing the wheel, no revlotuion. Instead, we took proven, leading technologies and combined them with a geometry that suited our taste, and engineered it the way we like a racing bike to be made and behave..." um, what?

All the marketing guff aside, it is manufactured by Goomah so it should be some quality kit. I very much like the look and finish of this bike... but then again I pretty much like anything fitted with Lightweights.

The Assos Campionissiomo G731 will be available in limited supply at Assos retailers from Septermber. If it is anything like their clothing, I'm sure that it will come with quite the price tag.


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