Jun 4, 2011

Saturday Morning: 1in20 and The Wall

An afternoon on the sauce is probably not the best preparation for a morning in the hills.

So this morning the Wolfpack met up for a little jaunt into the Dandenongs. The General was the only one at the meeting point on time, shortly followed by Thunderceptor who was claiming some sort of brain malfunction regarding his front door as the reason for his tardiness. Some time much later McShiney and Rod appeared; they had been waiting for Ethan who was a no-show.

The decision was made to proceed on without Ethan when at the last minute he appeared on the horizon like some sort of Rapha clad white night. Apparently he had been in for quite a big night and was struggling with the after effects of beers chased with a double quarter pounder meal (urgh).

Heading out east we picked the Fat Ninja (who ironically is very thin) and made our way to The Basin to tackle the 1in20. Beginning our ascent we were immediately taken aback by some dude on an old jalopy wearing a backpack who blew past us like we were standing still.

Three groups formed on the road with the race to the top taken out by the 1in20 specialist Rod. Shortly followed by Thunderceptor who managed to real in old mate with the backpack (spent all his lunch money too early), then Ethan and the Fat Ninja, with McShiney and The General acting as tailgunners (clearly these two ticked the 'leisurely conversation' option over 'smash yourself up the hill' option when buying their tickets to the dance)

Heading south on the Mount Dandy Tourist Road we hit Sherbrooke Road and onto Kalista. Beyond Kalista, Monbulk Road to the start of 'The Wall' is one of my favourite bits of road around Melbourne. The slight downwards gradient, smooth bitumen and flowing corners allow you to easily hum along at 55-60kph enjoying the feeling of what is like to really get your road bike going.

Our rag tag bunch of misfits regrouped and after a short break it was time to hit 'The Wall' (Olinda-Monbulk Road) to Olinda. Heading off together, it didn't take long for the climbing speacialists Rod, McShiney and The Fat Ninja to break away and stamp their authority on the climb.

Arriving at the top, The General announced that he had lost his gloves somewhere on the climb and subsequently incentivised the group's climbing specialists with a free coffee if they were to undertake a repeat of 'The Wall" and pick up the lost gloves on the way.

With the gloves retrieved (from someone else altogether)  and 'The Wall' conquered for a second time, the group bombed it the back down the Mount Dandy Tourist Road to Montrose before heading into Croydon for a much needed coffee (and maybe two tarts) at Alan's Bakery.

Heading back into civilisation we disbanded somewhere around Doncaster to head home and rest up before our next hit out.

~ VL