Jun 15, 2011

Taffy's on Looker

A couple of months ago I was out for a ride with a few mates when I overheard them talking about a little known café in Montmorency that provides an awesome breakfast and great coffee... enter Taffy’s on Looker.
At first appearance Taffy’s appears to be confused with itself, fitting in somewhere between a Café and Milk Bar… I think they also do fish and chips at night? Don’t let first impressions fool you, Taffy’s is a serious café and Mr Taffy (Bill) makes a serious breakfast.

At $17.50 (including coffee) the big breakfast is not for the faint of heart. Mr Taffy loads you up with all you need to get home and keep going for the rest of the day after that whipping you just took at the hands of your cycling buddies!

Just don’t make the mistake I made of not finishing the spinach on my first visit. The next time I was in there Mr Taffy called me on it… only to later present me with a breakfast sans spinach… imagine if I had left the bacon or eggs behind?

The coffee is great, with choice of regular or mug size. The regular is $3.40 and the mug is $4.70, although in a strange twist no matter what coffee combo I order (2 regular, 2 mug, 3 regular, 1 mug / 1 regular) I only ever seem to pay bang on $7.00.

The environment at Taffy’s is very warm and friendly, our bunch is always welcomed with a smile and nothing is ever too much trouble… even when we roll in there dripping wet, clicking around and dirtying up the place.

Taffy’s is situated at 15 Looker Road, Montmorency, Victoria. Next time you are coming back through Eltham and Monty after smashing Kinglake or Yarra Glen, or are just in town, why not stop in for a coffee or breakfast.

Hope to see you there!!