Jun 10, 2011

Velo Liberte Man Purse

Recently I have noticed a new trend amongst a number of my cycling chums; the ever increasing presence of the Rapha Essentials Case. This uber cool leather purse like storage pocket seems (at the moment) to be the coolest item you can throw down on a coffee table in front of your cycling buddies post ride.

The craftsmanship and style of the Rapha Essentials Case is undeniable, but with dimensions of 15cm x 9cm, and a price tag of $55 it doesn’t provide today’s post GFC budget conscious cyclist with the best bang for his buck.

With that in mind, we here at Velo Liberte are very proud to announce the upcoming limited release of the Velo Liberte Man Purse. For an initial down payment of just $39, you too can enjoy the exclusive style of the Rapha Essentials case with the generous carrying capacity of your cousin’s favourite bum-bag.

On first impressions the Velo Liberte Man Purse appears just to be a leather (ish) wash bag with a key ring circle attached to the end of the zip. This could not be further from the truth (sort of). The Velo Liberte Man Purse has been specifically designed as a technical accessory with the storage requirements of today’s on the go modern cyclist in mind.

Struggle no more with the constraints of a small sandwich bag for your mobile phone, ID and coffee money, the Velo Liberte Man Purse allows you to carry all this and more.

Remember when you couldn’t carry your favourite moisturiser or after-shave on a ride, well worry no more with the Velo Liberte Man Purse!!

What about an apple, your favourite book or perhaps even your Rapha Essentials Case… that’s right, the Velo Liberte Man Purse is for you!!

Too big you say… I don’t think so. Just look at the picture below to see how the Velo Liberte Man Purse fits discreetly into your jersey pocket…. Your friends won’t even know it’s there!!

Best of all, be the envy of your friends as you watch them ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at the sheer size and girth of the Velo Liberte Man Purse as you slam it down and show-up the Rapha Essentials Case for the tiny change purse that it is.

If for some reason you would prefer to go with the authentic article, you can check out the Rapha Essentials Case at Bike Gallery in Hawthorn, Northside Wheelers in Prahran or online at rapha.cc

Happy weekend and safe riding.

~ VL