Jul 11, 2011

I think my Knog Frog lights might be cursed?

It seems that somewhere along life's journey I have picked up a curse. This curse has taken the form of a debilitating affliction that attacks the life of any battery that I put in my Knog Frog lights.

No matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get reasonable life out of the CR2032 coin batteries required to power these mini strobes.

In an attempt to beat the 'battery curse' I started removing the batteries after each ride. For  a while I thought I had this thing licked as I was starting to get a bit more out of the batteries; but as sure as the day is long in the end they would still run out all too soon and I would be back down to the supermarket to spend another $8 on two batteries.

The only form of respite I have found comes in the form of purchasing  the batteries in bulk from ebay; at the moment I am getting them at just under a dollar a pop in packs of 5 at a time.

My pals have been on me for a while about buying some decent rechargeable lights that might actually show me where I am going and make me more visible to other road users. So far I have resisted this upgrade as a decent set of lights will set you back a pretty penny. My only fear is that along the way I have spent enough on batteries that by now I could have just purchased a nice set of rechargeable lights.

I can't wait for the long days of summer to return so I can stop worrying about whether or not my lights will hold up on the next after dinner nocturnal outing!

~ VL