Jul 28, 2011

Rapha Espresso Machine

Hey, you know what I love… a good coffee. You know what else I am quite fond of… Rapha. Do I need it all in one… not so sure about that?

I came across this earlier today, it seems Rapha has teamed up with Rocket Espresso Milano to produce a limited edition Rapha Giotta espresso machine.

Limited to 200 units, the Rapha espresso machine features an engraving of the Rapha H-Van silhouette and Cycle Club logo; and at 1700 euros it also has the ability to put a serious dent in your wallet.

They have really taken exclusivity to a whole new level here; this one is for the Rapha purists only.

I can't quite reconcile my feelings on this. I am not sure if it represents all that is wrong with today's consumer obsessed western society, or if it is one of the most beautiful machines I have ever seen?

Don’t get me wrong, the machine looks fantastic, but I can buy a lot of good coffees for 1,700 euros... besides, I am sure they have already sold out!


Photos courtesy of www.rapha.cc