Jul 4, 2011

Specialized Shiv at the 2011 Tour de France

I have never thrown a leg over a time trial bike, yet somehow I instinctively know that I would be absolutely rubbish (more so than I normally am) if I ever tried to give one a go.

Despite never having been on one, I love the cutting edge technology that goes into TT bikes in order to save a couple of milliseconds out there against the clock. Add to that the fact the current generation of bikes from most manufacturers look awesome; and none more so than the Specialized Shiv.

While trawling the net last night I came across the picture above of Vino's Shiv. I don't know about you, but I think it looks the business!

Shortly after spotting Vino's Shiv, I came across the picture below of Bert's TDF Saxo Bank Shiv. In my opinion it doesn't have the same 'zing' as Vino's Shiv, but in the absence of Vino's this would be my favourite.

HTC are the third team aboard the S.S. Shiv thanks to their Specialized sponsorship. I couldn't find any pics of a special 2011 Tour edition, so I guess the picture below of their standard awesome looking one from at another race earlier in the year will have to do.

While I am batting-on about the custom Shivs, I thought I would throw in a picture of the standard module you can purchase from Specialized. How tough does this thing look straight out of the box?!