Jul 1, 2011

McShiney's Corner: 47-60 Make sure you're sitting on the inside

I got home tonight to find that McShiney had sent me an email with one of his rants. I thought it was worth a post. Enjoy ~VL
I just want to start off by saying that that I'm accepting of all walks of life.
To elaborate, I'm not bothered by female track riders that happen to be built like ship mechanics - I actually dig that if you are (call me), nor do I care if you're from the south of Europe, seriously, I'm cool with that.
Anyway, where I get upset is when I see dudes rolling around on frames that are either smaller than 47cm, or larger than 60cm. Now for the record, I'm perfectly fine with 48 to 59's (only just), and that's for those of you sitting there on your mocha chaise staring into your iPad getting all hoo-ha and stuff.
Now I know I'm walking a fine line here, but just hear me out.
Have you seen a 61cm frame? well here's one:

No....they are not skateboard wheels. And I know why you thought they were - but I asked my sci-fi mate to check it out and he seems to think that this thing is an illusion created when a head-tube is taller than your wheels. You can use this thing as a ladder to rescue babies from burning buildings.
Now I'm not trying to prejudice those who are ridiculously gigantic, but maybe they should consider something else, like long jump or net-ball.
On the other hand, there's the other extreme - the short variety.
Now here's a picture of what looks like a kid on a BMX, but actually this guy is a 33 year old Maltese fella on a Road Bike (and that's not mud on his pants either): 

Now I'm not the only one out here thinking this, but I just want to get my point across that some people are either too tall, or ridiculously short to ride a road bike. So, my suggestion to manufactures is simple, just make normal sized road bikes. There's heaps of other sports for everyone else.
I'll catch you next time.