Jul 27, 2011

Why Ride? - by Todd

The following is a great piece just received from a very good friend of mine, Todd ~ VL

I keep getting asked, "Why am I not riding in the Tour de France...?"

For those of you who don't know, I'm actually an average cyclist. I have never been in the points in my clubs road racing, let alone an open race or an international event...

But I get the usual questions every time I mention I ride.

"Yes, I shave my legs... and I ride in that tight lycra... No I don't take drugs... "

Do we have all the cliche cycling questions out of the way yet?

Oh, "No, I don't know your friend who once rode a Herald Sun Tour back in the 70's... yes, I'm sure he was great... (and everyone who rode with him was a wheel suck!)".

I ride my bike because I enjoy it! I ride as hard as I can until I cannot ride any more... next week, I go further. Yes, Ive walked... a few times - I promise I only did it cause I'd had it! I don't have the work/life balance to be a full on pro, or even create a seed of doubt that I'll be caught by most inter club riders. I do however know a lot about what makes the modern cyclist, I have a pretty good understanding of the law of the jungle on and off the bike...

Cycling keeps me captivated at the television when I can watch the Tour, or when I go to the local racing. I love my gear... custom, carbon, feather light, Lightweight, you name it... I have it or it's on my want list.

So what turned me to the dark side...? I used to be getting home from clubs at the time I now get up to go riding... I now pass me - 5 years ago - staggering out of bars blind drunk, looking for a taxi, shouting and carrying on, looking for the nearest Souvalaki man.

Life just changes. I got inspired. I got healthier. I challenged myself and I failed at first, then I succeeded... then I even won something*. I have been stuck in this vortex since.

*I found I was reasonably handy on the track... and this year, I'm going to have a good go at racing there! I also need a new bike. Lucky I know my gear!