Jul 6, 2011

Rouleur Magazine

About a year ago McShiney and I were out for a coffee chewing the fat on all things cycling when the discussion turned to Rouleur Magazine. McShiney recounted some of the stories he had been reading and the overall quality of the magazine. On his recommendation and some subtle urging, I took a leap of faith and ordered a subscription without ever setting eyes on an issue.

At A$120 for a year's subscription of 6 issues,  Rouleur is not the cheapest magazine out there, so when I began reading it I made a pact with myself that whenever I received an issue I would not would flick through and browse the magazine, instead I would start at the beginning and read from cover to cover like I would do a book.

Now this is not my usual approach to reading magazines; my usual preference being to jump around the magazine and read the articles in order of those that appeal the most to me and discard the ones that don't.

I have found this methodical approach of reading cover to cover to be quite rewarding as my horizons have been broadened in me reading articles which I would not normally be bothered with.

Whether it's an article on an up and coming rider, the history of a manufacturer such as Campagnolo or a story about a legend from the past; Rouleur is always beautifully presented with exquisite photography and engaging stories that embrace the reader in the romance of road cycling.

Rouleur is a great magazine and makes a nice change from the usual bike tech and race results; it really is 'The world's finest cycle racing reportage'.

If road cycling is not exactly your bag, the publishers of Rouleur also produce a mountain biking magazine called Privateer.

You can find out more on Rouleur Magazine and order your subscription from www.rouleur.cc